The Way of the Ageless Wise Woman

BEcoming the Ageless Wisdom of Our Intuition

The Way of the Wise Woman is the sacred passage of time that guides a woman through the  Ageless Years of Wisdom. These are the years of The Wise Woman, as the passage of time increases a woman’s wisdom, which is ageless, with a deeper awareness and personal truth regarding her relevancy, presence, visibility, spirituality, intuition, voice and beauty.

The Wise Woman intuitively knows that it is not the aging process that defines her, but the ageless degrees of wisdom learned, earned and accrued through life experiences of joy and sorrow. 

A Sacred Time of Increased Intuition and Conscious Awareness

 We developed The Way of the Wise Woman to empower women on how to embrace their wisdom years as a sacred time of increased intuition and conscious awareness in pursuit of ageless personal authenticity, purpose, well being and deeper spiritual connection. Intuition is the inner knowing of our wisdom, which is ageless and increases through past lives and our time here on earth. 

Intuition Opens and Increases With the Passage of Time

 Our intuition increases with the passage of time with many women just experiencing the power of it for the first time in midlife and older. This is often when we begin to question and release the limiting beliefs of our birth culture, religion, and society that shamed and reduced the power of the Feminine. As we release the limiting beliefs that disempowered us through life, we begin to develop a deeper awareness of Spirit within us that triggers a yearning to know and merge with more of Who I Am. 

The Inner Wise Woman-BEcoming the Ageless Wisdom of Intuition

As we embrace the power of our intuition, we enter a state of BEing where we become the ageless wisdom of our intuition, the inner knowing, This power of BEing occurs when we align and attune to our greatest potential through embracing our Inner Wise Woman which is the essence of a woman’s sacred femininity. As we merge with our Inner Wise Woman, our deep wisdom flows through the power of our intuition as we BEcome One with our Spirit. 

Know Thyself To Release the Power of Your Ageless Wisdom of Intuition  

Many women see their ageless wisdom years as an opportunity to become leaders and changemakers within their chosen field to create the change they wish to see in the world. Yet the Wise Woman intuitively knows that to become positive leaders and changemakers within the world or one’s personal environment, she must become a leader and changemaker on a deeper, more sacred level with herself. We must first know ourselves and release the wounded stories that include victimhood, anger, revenge, and shame that become embedded within the body. When these wounded body stories are suppressed, they often cause chronic physical, emotional and spiritual illness. 

Sacred Empowerment Programs and Services To Enhance, Open and Clarify Intuition

We offer sacred empowerment programs and services to assist you in releasing the wounded body stories that block our intuition and reduce the clarity of its messages. As we release and heal from these wounded body stories, we are free to accept, trust and allow the power of our ageless wisdom of intuition to flow with clarity and accuracy within its messages. 

The Way of the Wise Woman 3 Keys To Sacred Empowerment System

The Way of the Wise Woman recognizes that in order to create personal change and transformation, we must first address Who Am I on deeper levels of self and spirituality with greater awareness and use of our ageless wisdom of intuition.

We achieve this through The Way of the Wise Woman  3 Keys To Sacred Empowerment System which is the core of all our transformative and intuition developmental services. These 3 Core Sacred Empowerment Keys are:

  1. Merge – Discovering, Recognizing and Aligning to the energy of the Inner Wise Woman, the essence of your sacred feminine energy.
  2. Know – As you align with your Inner Wise Woman, you develop a deeper awareness of your intuition, your wise Inner Knowing as the powerhouse within you that drives increased self-confidence, clear decision making, and trusted personal guidance.
  3. BE – As you merge with your Inner WiseWoman, you begin to Know and recognize the power of your intuition which leads to BEcoming an empowered Ageless Wise Woman. 

I am Mary Jane Brigger, Woman’s Sacred Empowerment, and Intuition Development Consultant, Ageless Wise Woman, and Owner of The Way of the Wise Woman at Career Path Success, LLC. I have over 35 years of corporate, small business, career building, spiritual guidance, intuition development and education that includes personal transformation experience to address women’s specific mind, body and spiritual needs.

At The Way of the Wise Woman, we offer a Complimentary 20 Minute Consultation for all our services to enable our clients the opportunity to see if The Way of the Wise Woman programs and services are right for them.

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