Empowered Intuition Development Circles

The Way of the Ageless  Intuitive Wise Woman

Empowered Intuition Development Circles

BEcoming the Wisdom of Your Inner Wise Woman 

Held On Monthly Friday Evenings

Coming In 2020!

Monthly Sunday Afternoon and Friday Evening

Women are rising to an internal call to become the woman she was born to BE. She is fully aware it is not her age that defines her, but the agelessness of her wisdom.  This is the call of the Inner Wise Woman within all of us, calling us back to our mystical wisdom which flows through the power of our intuition. To ignite the power of our intuition, we must first go within to reunite with our Inner Wise Woman, a mystical journey of profound self awareness and conscious awakening.

The Way of the Ageless Wise Woman Empowered Intuition Development Circles are unique in that they are not like traditional intuition development circles. Our intention is to develop intuition with clarity through greater self confidence and awareness.

We achieve greater intuition and self confidence by aligning with the wisdom of our Inner Wise Woman through:

  • Learning simple heart centered meditations focusing on awakening and merging with our Inner Wise Woman.
  • Becoming aware of the secret lost mode of prayer that brings greater intuition, self confidence, and manifestation into our lives.
  • Intuitively connecting to our Inner Wise Woman as we learn how to integrate with her energy in order to listen and interpret her messages to us.
  • Understanding and experiencing the different spirit and earth energies as well as sacred ceremonies to empower the intuition of our  Inner Wise Woman.
  • Practicing with each other our developing intuitive gifts as messengers and receivers with the guidance we receive from each other.
  • Keeping our Circles limited to 10-12 women.

Empowered Intuition Development Circle  Is Ideal For Beginners To Advanced  or Even Just the Curious

The Benefits of Merging With the Intuitive

Wisdom and Power of Your Inner Wise Woman

  • Greater self-confidence especially in decision making, creating more positive relationships with greater clarity on purpose and Who You Are.
  • A deeper sense of Who You Are as the wisdom of your Inner Wise Woman flows through your intuition with greater clarity.
  • A more profound spiritual life and practice as you merge deeper with your Inner Wise Woman with the wisdom of higher divine beings being drawn to you.
  • Meeting in the power of Circle with other like-minded women seeking to Become the Woman They Are Born To BE.

The Way of the Ageless Wise Woman Empowered Intuition Development Circles

We Gather In Circle As Intuitive Wise Woman On Monthly Friday Evening

Time: 6:00 pm-8:30pm

This is when spirit activity is high for greater intuitional development


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